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The Touch Control Accounts Receivable (Charge Accounts) program takes all the work out of handling monthly billed customers. As tickets are written they are automatically entered into the customers A/R account. Touch Control will generate billing statements, age outstanding balances, impose late fees, provide financial reports and interface with VeriFones PC Charge Payment Server software.
Accounts Receivable
The only Dry Cleaning software you will ever need

You can generate either a paper statement to be mailed or generate an email bill to be sent electronically to customers.

If the PC-Charge software is installed, Touch Control will gather all the balances owed (for charge customers that have a credit card on file) and begin processing the balances. If approved, a payment will post automatically to the appropriate customer's account.

Allows you to preview a customer's bill to see what charges/balances is owed prior to generating a statement.

With a push of a button you can see the balances owed from all your charge customers.

Handle Hotel accounts with ease. A bill will be generated summarizing each day of the week and a detail report will also be created detailing each customer and room number.

Commercial Accounts is designed to produce a statement of the "Account Owner" summarizing each individual customer while also creating a detail report detailing all transactions for each customer. In addition, the balances from the individual customers are transferred to the Account Owner enabling you to apply only one payment to the Account Owner instead of each customer assigned to the commercial account.