Liberty Computers Australia

The BEST Dry Cleaning & Laundry software

iDryClean enables your customers  to connect to your store anytime to receive information about the orders they have dropped off. Best of all the App is Free to all your customers.

Exciting New Features Include:
  • Customers can Track their Orders
  • Schedule a Pick Up or Delivery (Request Integrates into Touch Control)
  • Full Ticket Recall of their Tickets
  • Check their Account Balance (Charge Accounts)
  • List their Order History for the  last 6 months
  • View their FCC Balance
  • Scannable Barcode for Easy Pick Up of Orders
  • Scannable Barcode for Easy Drop Off of New Orders

Give your customers a reason to keep using you, instead of the Cleaner across the street.
For a small monthly fee Liberty can set up an account on our servers. This will allow your customers to begin using the App to view their account information at your store.
They can only access the information that the App allows. Your data is completely secure.
You must be running Touch Control software and have an internet connection available. A static IP address is required.

Promotional Material Provided

Liberty will also provide free promotional material that you can display in your store to let your customers know about the new service you are offering. We will also provide you with monthly statistics detailing how many of your customers are using the application

Access Mobile Website

If your customers don't have an iPhone they can now check their account status by logging in through the web.

We created two sites, the first is a normal web page and the second is specifically made for mobile browsers. These links can be added to your web site.