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The Touch Control Dashboard is starting point for all commonly used functions. Everything you need to do on a daily basis is right here. From, writing a ticket, picking up an order, researching a customer history, recalling a ticket, to voiding an order. It's all in one place!

No more searching for features. This means quicker training of employees and faster processing of orders for your customers.

See Customer's Open Inventory
  Partial and Unpaid Pickups
Store Location
Modify a ticket
Ticket Recall
View Customer Photo
Runner Slip
Select multiple orders
Security Cash Guard Feature
Credit Card Integration
Frequent Cleaning Club Integration
Camera Capture
Easy to Learn and Use

Partial Pick Up
The Partial Pick Up screen allows you to specify which items are being picked up leaving the remaining items in inventory until the order is completely picked up.

Ticket Recall
This screen recalls the actual ticket details of the invoice. In addition it also provides you with the employee that wrote and picked up the order along with a convenient way to reprint the ticket or garment tag.